About us

The Jeune Chambre de Commerce des Femmes du Québec (JCCFQ) was created in November 2018. An inclusive space aiming to support and promote the next generation in all sectors, the JCCFQ's missions focuses primarily on women aged 18 to 40, professionally active or on their of becoming so.


Its activities, projects and events allow the JCCFQ to contribute concretely to the professional and personal development of these women by providing the resources and support of an accessible, mobilizing, inspiring and inclusive community.


To allow the next generation of Quebec women, regardless of where they come from and which field they operate, to be seen, heard and recognized. To shed light on talents that are too often hidden and to allow all women to have their rightful place in the Quebec professional world.


The JCCFQ is mobilized around 5 core values: commitment, respect, inclusion, collaboration and transparency.


These strong pillars allow the JCCFQ to be close to its members - many of whom are ambassadors and/or volunteers - by teaming up with them, actively listening to their needs and focusing on meeting their expectations. the JCCFQ ensures that each one can evolve in her own way, according to her interests, her desires and her ambitions.


Inclusive, covering a variety of topics and promoting knowledge sharing, our projects are renewed year after year to give all those who wish to participate a chance to do so.

The JCCFQ allows its members to shine professionally through:  

  • its speakers directory  which lists profiles of women available for conferences, interviews and other speaking engagements 

  • its activities, projects and events, where they can discuss and expose their reality


  • its resources and networks, allowing access to decision-making and influence bodies  


  • its choice of partnerships and suppliers and female volunteers

Our actions

Board members

Committee Members


Katianicia Sory

Nicolanne sabourin

Laurence Danis

Valerie Barrette

Coralie Ketiane Kodjo

Imane Ougadi S

Charlie teasdale

Lina Greiche

Sonia molina

Vera Ferret

Marilyne Rondeau


Maude Lapare

Paula Youwakim

Emanuelle Boutin-Gilbert

Member Relations Committee

Comm Committee - Strategy Committee

Strategy committee

Finance and Sponsorship Committee

Finance and Sponsorship Committee

Finance and Sponsorship Committee

Finance and Sponsorship Committee

Events Committee

Events Committee

Events Committee

Events Committee

Comm committee

Comm Committee

Comm Committee

Comm Committee

Marie-Eve Bourret (Lead)

Christelle Arouko

Joelle Laplante

Charlotte routhier

Camille Varenne

Karine Lapointe

Marianne Pertuiset-Ferland

Julie Marcotte-Levasseur

Christine leblanc

Alix faraggi

Lia Ferranti

Anne-Laure Favereaux

Founding and Lifetime Members

Maria allaham
Sandrine Archambault
Marie-Pierre Arseneault
Catherine Aubertin
Penelope Auvray
Lianne Balazsi
Sarah Beaudin Reeves
Helene-Sarah Becotte
Sabrina Belval
Sandra Ben-Yedder
Violaine Bigaouette-St-onge
Julie bissonnette
Valerie Boissonneault
Raphaëlle Boulanger
Marie-Eve Bourret
Marie-Alexandre Boutet-Talbot
Marie-Claire Bouthillier
Miriane Bouthillier
Sophie boyer
Tanya castle
Marie-Charlotte Castonguay
Ariane Coddens
Genevieve Cooke
Florence Côté
Morgane Cottinet
Cindy Couture
Catherine D'Avril
Rachel Desbiens
Catherine Desrochers
Laurence Déziel
Caroline Djenandji
Anne-Laurence Dubois
Virginie dumont
Sophie Dupont-Hébert
Alix faraggi
Sandy Francois
Chloe freslon
Zoe Gagnon-Paquin
Julie-claude gauthier
Rebecca Gelly-Cyr
Amelia T Gouin
Caroline Grandoit
Josée Guérette
Lydia Halley Soucy
Corinne Havard
Alixe Hennessey Dubuc
Lea Houtteville
Melissa Jean-Brousseau
Annabelle Jenneau-Younès
Yan jin
Catherine julien
Florence Julien-Gagnier
Maria karteris
Annie Hope
Virginie labelle
Véronique Lacroix
Marie-Helene Lafond
Valery Lajoie
Joanie Langelier
Joelle Laplante
Annie Leclerc Casavant
Marie Letourneau
Ayesha Lobo
Catherine matusiak
Margaux Metraz-Brunand
Isabelle Monette
May Murray
Nicole nawrocki
Emilie Nollet
Katrina novak
Stephanie Ouimet
Joelle Paquette
Eleonore Pelletier
Alexandra Pereira Nunes
Marilyne Perez
Julie-Anne Petrilli
Ariane Picard
Laurence Plourde-Dinelle
Emilie Poirier
Lydia Rodrigues
Catherine Rondeau
Charlotte routhier
Julie roy
Marie-Josée Roy
Shahad salman
Brandy sargent
Salam selman
Mylène Senécal
Lady Africa Sheppard
Eve-Catherine Sicard
Caroline Simard
Catherine simard
Marie-France Simard
Kim somers
Michele Tabet
Xinyi tan
Marie-Pier Tessier of the star
Myriam Therrien
Aicha Tohry
Viviane Tougas
Claire Tousignant
Hoai An Tran
Rachel Tremblay Saint-Yves
Fanny-Maude Urfer
Minna vahtola
Laurence Vallieres-Nollet
Valerie Van Daele
Kseniya Veretelnik
Emilie Vion
Nikolina Vulic
Emilie Wake
Lory wang
Stephanie yared
Claire Zhang
Sonia Ziade